We Enjoyed The Beach Today

I missed going to the beach last summer because we have to go to the north to attend to my eldest daughter’s swimming competition. We spent almost a month there since she has two competitions she wanted to join.

Yesterday, my cousin commented a picture of my sister and she told her there she wanted to invite us for a birthday party at the beach. It was her son’s birthday and since I guess I really need a break time from the chaos that I had encountered from the last days, my sister and I agreed to go there today.

We tagged the kids with us, we went to the church before heading to the beach, it was my first time to drive there so I was feeling freaky when I found out how small the road that I had passed through. Yes, it was too small, oh well at least for a newbie like me but I managed to get to the destination safe. I am just proud of myself; it added my confidence as a family driver. LOL.

I had so much fun with my two daughters and nephews while soaking ourselves to the water. Although, we have to wear our slippers as it has lots of rocks in the water but we still managed to laugh ourselves especially when my youngest fell off from the floater. The sister of my mother was there, and of course my cousins, we had so much fun talking about anything in between. I missed this old me, when I didn’t have to mind those people but only the people who knows me inside out.

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  1. Pretty Kat says:

    ah! wa man ko embitaha.. kuk…