Little Princess Shoes

When the school year started I bought my youngest a little princess brand rubber shoes, I bought it because among the shoes that were displayed there and between Hello Kitty and Little Princess, the Little Princess was the cheaper so I choose it for her.

Last month, when we went out on Sunday I noticed that my youngest was having a hard time with her shoes; it was already tight for her so she was walking so crooked. We dropped by at the Little Princess display to buy her a new pair the shoes was not for sale but as I thought it is durable and in good quality I still picked it up for her.

Little did I know that the materials on the exterior are not leather at all. It will easily peel off, so no matter how expensive the shoes are, it will not count anymore. So if I were you, if you opt to buy a pair of shoes to your kids, think a million of times before you choose the Little Princess because I know for sure, like me you would regret it at the end.

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One Response to “Little Princess Shoes”

  1. I never had a chance to check on this brand. Thanks mommy Enna, I’ll remember everything that you posted about this shoes.