Excited To Be The Driver Of My Husband

I always told my friends when it is their first time to ride in my car if they have helmets or knee pads they could use. They would look at me puzzled why did I ask that weird question, they are not riding in a motorcycle anyway, they are riding a car.

That was only a merely joke, but maybe our coach treat it seriously yesterday that’s why he got scared and said I just have to dropped him somewhere. LOL! Uh, uh don’t get me wrong though, I told him after like a minute of asking him if he has a helmet that I was only joking or maybe he just have something to drop by somewhere and the road that we will passed through could be too far away from the place that he would like to go to.

On the other hand, I am so excited of my husband to be my passenger, he would seat beside me of course, I wonder if he would really buy a helmet and knee pads just in case. Lol, I am careful though, I am always a defensive driver, I won’t over take a truck, that’s a no no way for me especially when my kids are in the backseat.

I hope that he will be coming over soon though, that’s the only wish of the humble wife but even though he is not here, there’s no reason to be bitter if that were others are thinking about. I mean even though he is far away from us, I believe that he is loyal and faithful to me and to his kids. I just missed him so much that’s why I wanted him to visit us here. Again, I have no reason to be bitter because I have all the reasons to be so happy because I know now who those people I can befriend and trust with.

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