Because Of Its Sentimental Value

Some of our appliances have sentimental value. No matter how damaged they are, we want to send them to the repair shop instead of buying a new one. Of course cost is always a factor and we have to see if replacement is more affordable than repairing our appliances. Some could be saved though by purchasing an appliance part from the service center or from the local store but in my case, as I have mentioned before, my washing machine was a hopeless case. We really need to buy a new one. Oh well, my washing machine has served its best, it lasted like 4 or 5 years so I guess it surrendered and have to die on its own. Now my old washing machine was put in the stock room, I am not sure if somebody would be interested on its part as they said I could still sell the parts that are still working. I will have to wait for the buyer, for now I shall let it rest.

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