Condolences To The Family Of Sec. Robredo

I can’t help but to feel sad with the news on TV. Sec Robredo body was found dead.

The family still could not admit the fact yet, I mean the wife just received a call from her husband before the plane crashed. Mr. Robredo did not mention though that the plane was in trouble, he just told her that there are things yet that they have to attend at the moment then the phone went off. That was the last time she was able to talk to her husband.

My condolences to the whole family of Sec. Robredo and to Mr. Bahinting, the pilot of the said craft and his co pilot, I could not imagine the terrifying experience when they tried to struggle their lives to survive. But I guess that’s life, we could not do anything when it will end. Sec Robredo is a good husband and a father to his kids, they will miss him I am sure. Rest in peace DILG Secretary and please pray for the Philippines, I know HE would listen to you since you are already beside of our Almighty.

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