I Love Music

Like my daughter, I also love to listen to music; maybe it is natural for Filipino to sing, to adore music and all that. When I was younger, I oftentimes go to bar to watch music band, even when I was still in college, I remember we were watching music band and I and my friend enjoyed it so much that we forgot what time it was. For music band I love their electric guitar, acoustic guitar and all that. I wonder though if they purchased their instrument at les paul jr at Musician’s Friend.com, anyway I am sure as a guitarist they know where is the best store for that. How I also wish though I know how to play guitar but geez when I had a chance when I was still in grade school, I didn’t grab the chance when I passed the audition. Why I didn’t pursue it? It is because I don’t have my guitar back then and we could not afford to buy one for me. My sisters have to prioritize foods for us and could not support any extra curricular activities I wanted to join.

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