Body Salt, It Works

I was only using soap before that is already for my face, body and all. Later, I have changed that, I bought a moisturizing soap for my face, a cosmo skin for my body and there’s one more that is the body salt. At first I really won’t believe that it can lighten my skin and help me to prevent dark spots. It is used for the armpit, bikini line and scars and ever since I used it, it helps me in a way. Last summer, I really got dark because of the dreading heat of the sun when we went to Dagupan for PALARO, my friends even asked me of that and I got too big because I was always puffing my seretide so when we arrived home last May, I purchased this Body Salt, I got that idea when we had our body scrum at firm spa, I realized I can do it too at home, so I am using that now everyday. And I succeeded, I am not that dark anymore, my skin lightened and it helps my skin to be smooth and soft, you may try, I’ll tell you, it works.

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