Batteries For My Daughter’s Doll

My daughter has a doll that talks, cry and pee, I gave her that on Christmas 2 years ago. Now she’s not playing that anymore because it ran out of battery already, I keep on buying new ones but they are easily drained. My husband recommended me an rc batteries, he said they are long lasting alkaline batteries so our youngest daughter can enjoy playing her doll for a little longer. I will have to look yet if the malls have that here, otherwise I will have to ask my husband to buy us one online. For the meantime, F’s doll is on the display waiting to be played upon; it is resting since it doesn’t have batteries yet. Oh well, sister Merlyn is also at rest of fixing her doll since it will just scatter on the floor when my daughter is fed up playing with it. F instead is reading her book I gave her recently; my sister hopes she will not scatter it again on the floor.

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