Flabby Belly Is Slowly Gone

It is really nice to hear a compliment from your friends that you are losing weight and your flabby belly is slowly gone. Now, I am more motivated to flatten my belly, the driven is there and I must get rid of the bloated belly soon. Although going to the belly dancing studio is sometimes tiresome but this is for my own good, if I won’t try harder, I will not earn anything.

Today we went to the belly-dancing studio; we started almost 6:00 p.m., already. And slowly as we danced, I suddenly felt the stiff of my muscle, it’s a bit painful after we finished it and I felt so tired. We went to the coffee shop, I ordered Carbonara instead of coffee, oh well, and I haven’t eaten my dinner yet so I have to eat even just a little. Anyway, have to go now folks it is really getting so late and I need to wake up early tomorrow yet. Goodnight!

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