It Takes Two To Make A Tango

My relationship is not perfect but it is perfect with how deep my understanding and love with my husband. We are still miles apart and I don’t know when can he be here; he is just too busy at work to buy us cookies, lol just kidding. Anyway, I always thank my husband for the support that he gave us, I know life in the states is not always as easy as some other people think of, you have to strive hard to survive and yet never once I have heard of him complaining of our expenses here. He supported my eldest daughter with her extra curricular activities and even how expensive it is to send her for her training session, not to mention that almost of her things are Speedo, from fins, to hand paddles to her bathing suits oh well except for the leg suit that the DepEd gave her when she was qualified for PALARO. Thus, I never heard of my husband telling me to stop because he understands that I am just doing my best for our kids.

When he told me that his flights are cancelled, I get so down, I was confused and I even told him that I could not bear this kind of separation at all. At first I thought he will agree as that since it has been a while that he was not here with us, and I thought maybe that is what he wanted after all this time. I was totally hurt with my own words, I have to think a million of times before I could say it over the phone, then I heard him cry and told me that I and the kids are his world and that he will be hopeless if we are gone. I thank him of saying that but of course I didn’t tell him that how thankful I am that he is still holding on no matter what and I came to understand him, I sometimes amazed of myself because I didn’t expect I can still carry on. If this happen before, maybe I just gave up as easy as that, I never thought I could understand him totally, I mean maybe because I love him so much and I love him more each day, even we are miles and miles apart.

And if somebody thought that he have another one in the states, well you have to stop because we will never get to this stage if he has somebody else and if you think that my husband doesn’t love me oh well, come to think of this he will never chat to me on time and never called me every now and then if he doesn’t love me as much as I love him. Always remember it always takes two to make a tango.

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  1. It definitely takes two to tango! Life isn’t easy here, I’d rather live there with my husband’s retirement than here but since we have kids, I can’t just go home live there lol. We have to always think of our children’s future.

    You are so lucky to have a very understand, supportive, and loving husband Anne.

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