When You Are Having Fun

The time flies really fast when you are having fun, that is I always noticed when I am with my friend.

Today we went to the belly-dancing studio to do our usual routine, geez we are really becoming so serious to flatten our tummy. Hehehe, I just can’t believe it, oh well this is it and there will be no stepping backward at all.

After our belly dancing exercise, it was still 4:30 p.m., at that time; we headed immediately to the massage spa. We had our Swedish, stone massage combination, it was a very stress relieving, I always feel the heaven during the massage session and I even didn’t notice that time. But when we went out from the massage parlor, it is getting dark and yet we still went to the mall so my friend can buy herself a new bag, like mine, the zipper was also broken. After the thorough check of which bag she wanted to wear finally she was able to decide and that I don’t know how many things that you can put inside because it is just too huge for me. Well, she said that it is the new trend today, if before, everyone uses small clutch or bags not today because most of the women are already wearing a weekend bag as if you will going for a vacation everyday.

After she paid the bag in the cashier, we headed immediately to the restaurant, it was getting too late yet we still have time to chat and enjoy our food. How can I not enjoy it and forgot my diet at least on that moment? She ordered an appetizer and I can’t resist it, I have to eat more rice this time, oh well I have a cup of tea waiting for me at home so I know my diet is still okay, what do you think?

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