Back To The “Original” Normal Life

I am back to normal, like to the original normal life.

We were riding a train going to Trinoma and my friend jokingly told this one to Jm and A. The kids were puzzled while I was laughing. Anyway, yeah I am back to normal and Jm’s seems like is not affected with these changes of her life now. She will have no training in the afternoon except for attending Kumon sessions twice a week, she will have a lazy day during Saturday. I am not sure though of how long she can handle this because she is used to being busy everyday.

On the other hand, it is now turn for Mommy to do her usual routine before Jm’s become a swimmer happened, I am now again busy with belly dancing every Tuesday and Thursday of course with my friend C. Can you believe it, she is still trying to get rid of her belly fats even she is so slim? Oh well, that would be advantage for me though because she would accompany me and would inspire me in the process.

I sometimes miss my pals in swimming, I miss our laughs when one cracked some jokes. But I guess maybe they are right, there is a reason ,for everything why things such as this happens. Whatever reason that is, I would still stand of what I believe.

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  1. Yay belly dancing! You will get slimmer belly after that mommy ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe Wish I could get rid of my belly fats with that kind of activity. Thanks for dropping by my blog and adding it. I just add yours to my blogroll today. And btw, only one little correction, could you replace the title Love, Home Grow, Garden to Love Home Grow Garden (without commas)? thanks daan mommy anne ๐Ÿ™‚

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