And Should Not Be Tolerated

I have so much expectation when I entered this group. The friendship was so strong because it was build by trust and sincerity. I have treated the group as my second family; all the members were like my siblings. I could even tell all my secrets to them. Then all a sudden this thing happened, I so miss my friends! I so miss the bihon that I always ordered for all of us; I miss the laugh and the forever harutan of my friends and me. But it is sad to say that I will never go back, it was stained by the person whom I respected too much, maybe it is better if I would sacrifice yet whatever talent my daughter is in swimming than going there with a heavy heart and I know if I would continue, I could just blurt out some insulting words. And knowing myself that even my sisters would call me Gabriela Silang, I would really argue for my friend, I would really hunt you down if I could just to show you that your principle is wrong and should not be tolerated.

And anyway what’s love for me is:


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