Want To Hug Daddy!

And she said, I want to hug Daddy like this!


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My Jewelry And My Bag

If you know very much about women, you will know we are really fashion conscious. Whenever I leave the house I always think about what I am wearing. If I wear jewelry I want to make sure it matches what I wear and I that goes for my handbag as well. There is nothing worse than going out and not looking good. I do not wear a lot of jewelry, but what I do were has to be stylish. I was impressed by the style of Kameleon Jewelry, and the fact that it has variable styles. I don’t have a big budget when it comes to buying jewelry so the flexibility in style and the way it looks impresses me.

The last time my husband bought a handbag for me, he took my eldest daughter with him. At that time she was only seven years old and he let her choose it. Well I did not complain and it was a nice handbag, but I would have chosen a different style and color. Needless to say, I prefer to choose my own handbags (thought I will never complain if he buys me another one, after all a girl can’t have too many handbags). When I was looking for bags, I thought CInda bags were very nice and I can find one to match many of my outfits. So now, if I go out with nice jewelry and  cinda b bags, my friends will certainly complement me on my choice in style.

As you can see, I think about fashion a log. I believe you must dress for the occasion. If I go on a picnic I want to wear shorts or jeans and just be relaxed, of course, jewelry and the bag I choose must match what I wear. If I go to a party I want to wear a nice dress, carry a stylish handbag and stylish jewelry. Dressing nice is important; I want to look good for my husband, myself and my friends. What girl doesn’t?

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I Made A Speech

It was my first time to speak in front of the people but because it was for m friend C and I know so well that it is the one of the most important event of her life. I faced my fear and I boost up my confidence just to deliver my message clearly to her and to her fiancee. I thought I could not go on but I was so surprised that I did. Maybe I was just too happy for them, for her specially since she has been dreaming of this day would come to her. And finally, it did, I was even teary eyed at the last part of my speech, the message was from the bottom of my heart. I always love that girl, I am always thankful that she became my friend because she was always there for all my special occasions, from engagement party down to my wedding day. And my turn was over and it was nicely done with her and now it is my turn as well to do things for her. For my very special friend, we always love you and I am glad that you finally found your happiness. Please know that I always support you, and I always, also be there for you.

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Serious To Lose Weight

Ever since I asked my daughter to stop for a while in swimming, I am becoming serious to lose weight, although the belly dancing session helped me a little bit, still I needed something that could help me lose weight that fast at least. When I was browsing for a gift for my husband, I stumbled with diet pills and the like. And there I learned about lipodrene, I read the advantages of it a little bit and I was amazed since I am doing my workouts I need pills that could boost up my metabolism but will suppress my intakes.

Although my husband said, he still loves me even I am getting bigger and bigger, I still trying so hard to lose weight because aside as I want to look good for him, I also want to feel good to myself. We also need to take good care of ourselves even we have a husband who would always appreciate us in every thing we do, no matter how we looked like. With diet pills that works fast without any effects at all plus my work outs, I am sure I will reach my goal to have a slimmer body for once.

I actually become obsessed of losing my weight but don’t worry, I am making sure that I am doing the right way to diet. I am not drinking any slimming coffee at all since it has a bad effects on me but with lipodrene, I am sure I am in good hands. It is always safe if we also consult our dietitian regarding of what we are going to take, or consult someone who is expert with that pill that you are going to buy. It is also advantage if you read very carefully of the ingredients of a certain diet pills if you don’t want to end up in the hospital with a liver operation.

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