What Is Rules?

I am not sure if this is good to write it here but I’ll say it anyway.

What is the meaning of rules? It is a regulating principle, legal precept and an accepted procedure or habit.

Thus, when you messed up the rules you messed the members who are sincerely following the rules.

I just don’t get that there are some people who are pretending that it is okay for them not to follow rules, saying it is okay for them if their kids will only have one event because they won’t win anyway. I mean come on why did you join your kids if you don’t aspire to win, it is okay to lose since this is a game but to instill it in our mind that we will not win anyway that is so wrong my dear.

Of course we would react if our kids could not get the event that they won last competition or even change it. This is not because we wanted them to win but this is because of our purpose why we are here. ┬áIt is just so stupid telling me that if it was you, it is okay if they will just give you one event out of those number of events that you’ve won because they will never get into finals anyway, how about the feelings of the kid, how about the effort that they exerted? Did you ever came up to your mind that if your kid is on that shoes him or she would get disappointed as well? It is even too unfair for the kids.

And one more thing, your purpose that you will just go around places if your kid will just be given one event is stupid, fool and even ignorant because you know from the start that your kids have won numbers of event. Or maybe you are just too confident because you are already secure? Have you ever given one to some of the athlete? I don’t think so… Hunahunaon sa unta nimo ang imong ipang estorya kay murag ikaw ra gihapon ang naigo. Amaw!

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