Two More Days

I am so excited, two more days to go and we will be going home. I can’t wait for that day since we already stayed for almost one month. I have so many things I needed to do when I go back home, the car that is under repair now, the payment for the house and bills. Good thing, I have set aside some money and will be using that to pay my bills when we arrive home. My husband spends a lot with this travel and I thank him for the support all the way not only with the competition but also with our getaways. I am just a lucky wife to have a husband like him even though we are miles apart but his support is something I could say he genuinely loved us.

There is one person who told me this that it is better to have a husband who is miles away but you are sure of his being loyal to you than to have a husband beside you yet he had some other woman and even courted more. But I guess it is best to have a husband in your side and there is no other woman involved between the two of you, lol.

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