When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I feel like the world is tumbling down on me, I was emotionally depressed because the father of my daughter does not even care. But I surpassed it all I overcome the depression. Every one of us suffered depression, even though we had different situation but it is of us if how we could handle it. Mine was the baby inside my womb, she was my inspiration back then, maybe you could also make your family an inspiration as well to overcome that depression because if you would instill it in your mind that you are depressed that’s why I did this, that’s why I never thought I could ruin somebody’s trust or could disappoint somebody’s feeling, you are just making an excuse, you are just thinking of yourself and not everyone’s sake. You don’t care anyone but yourself, in short you are just being selfish. If you thought that you could not bear the depression at all, you should seek an expert so you can’t hurt or disappoint anyone’s feeling.

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