Thinking Of Improving My Home

One thing I am always thinking of is remodeling or improving my home. Have the right décor and the right fixtures can really add value to our home. It will also make it look good. I have two projects in mind for the near future. The first is I want to redo the bathrooms. I want to modernize them with an upgraded bathtub, shower and sink and retile the floor with granite tiles. The two things I like about granite is the durability and the stile. I much prefer it over the regular porcelain type tiles I now have. So one thing I have to do before I purchase any tiling is to measure the floor space in the bathroom and request a quote. Once this is done I can proceed to pursue the remodeling of the bathroom and make it look the way I want.

The second project I would like to undertake is replacing kitchen cabinets, surface and flooring. Not quite a total remodeling effort since I am satisfied with the cabinets, it is mainly to refinish them and to maybe replace the way the drawers are installed. For flooring, I want to replace the type of tile I have now which is a linoleum type, with a granite tile. To me, granite will look better and be easier for me to maintain. Counter tops are another item I want to tackle. The surface on my kitchen counter tops now are a composite type material. Again, granite will be a more durable surface, and in my opinion, will be easier for me to keep clean.

I love thinking about what my new kitchen and bathroom will look like if I get to do it the way I want. Of course what I want may not be practical and I will be sure that I seek the opinion of an expert when I request a quote. I want to make sure that what I would like to do is feasible, but for me I think granite may be the way I want to go.

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