We Have A Very Comfortable Room

From the very not nice experience at the Pension house that we rented in Baguio, we are here now at the very comfortable room of Eurotel in Manila.  I have stayed for many hotels already and that was the first time that we stayed in a Pension House, don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problem of staying in a Pension House especially when it has the affordable rates compared to hotels but I guess it is much better to stay in a Pension House when you are more than 4 persons.

Anyway, when you checked in a Pension House, you should check also if the door has double locked and they should have an intercom inside the rooms so if there’s any emergency you could just call the front desk, the only problem there was that the door does not have a double lock and the rooms does not have an intercom.

Oh well, we just spent there for two nights, when we were traveling I know what to expect for a room that we are going to stay here as I already saw the pictures of the rooms in the Internet. I was looking forward for a very comfortable and cozy room, and it didn’t fail me when we got here.

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