My Strawberry Story

My youngest daughter is always humming the song of strawberry from the DVD I gave her one day. And it reminds me when I just had a strawberry when we had our field trip way back then, I just only saw the fruit and not the farm though and I just bought the strawberry jam not the fruit because I thought the jam is better than the fruit and the fruit was expensive for me as I was only a student.

Anyway, my kids are so excited to see the real farm of strawberries so when we got here in Baguio that’s one thing they are looking forward to visit, the farm full of strawberries.

I bought now the fruits since my kids wanted to have a taste of real strawberry, my eldest like it but my youngest said it was gross, she only ate one when I told her I would take a picture of her with the strawberry.

On the other note, here I am with the strawberry.


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