Sun Burn

I saw my friend today at the mall and she was surprised how I get so tan. Oh well, it was so dreading hot at the New Bataan where the DAVRAA was held, the grand stand is so exposed of the sun and since I really don’t like bringing an umbrella, this is the caused then, a total sun burn. But I really don’t care though, this sunburn on my skin is all worth it, my daughter won the second place both in 200 IM and 100 backstroke in their swimming competition and she had 2 golds on their relay. I was not able to shout or cheer for her so loud because I just can’t watch it. I was so nervous, I can’t even talk but I peep a little. I am so proud of her and as I’ve said since until now they still didn’t announced as how many will participate the PALARO or if she is included or not, I just can’t contain my happiness when I saw her achievements on that day.

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