She Didn’t Ask Me To Pay

We agreed that I will transfer to New Bataan and will stay at where my friends would stay tonight. Some of my friends accompanied me to Compostela to get our things. I thought I will have to pay my whole day of Thursday for my room but the owner said it was okay although she told me, I could have informed her earlier because she had some guests wanted to rent that room I rented, she guessed that they are also the participants for DAVRAA. I apologized, I know it was my fault that I didn’t inform her earlier. Oh well, everything is still unplanned this time. The decision was so abrupt, I didn’t even packed my things earlier as I really thought we will be staying there at the Pension House for one more day. Even so, I was at fault with the sudden transfer, she still give me discount as what we agreed and didn’t let me pay for the time I consumed for that day.

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