When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, suddenly my asthma triggered. The Doctor recommended having an air puff and until now I am still using it. I thought F won’t get it but last week she had this cough and when I listened to her back I am certain she is wheezing. So today, in the afternoon I sent her to the Doctor, the Doctor then confirmed she is wheezing and she has to nebulize although she only recommended once yet I can’t help but to be surprised, this is a new Doctor and her previous Doctor don’t usually recommend for nebulize. Oh well, I could not do anything but to follow her instruction, so we went to the OPD inside the hospital and asked the in-charge for a nebulizer. When F wears that mask, she was like there is nothing to worry at all, she was singing and laughing and I can’t help but to giggle. She even asked for a mirror so she could watch herself inhaling the smoke coming from the nebulizer. I haven’t experience the nebulizer because my Doctor always recommended the seretide instead of a nebulizer. Thus, using one really wonders me but both are not really good for F and I, I hope there is no asthma sign for F otherwise she would be like me. Bringing the seretide wherever I go, and I tell it is not fun at all.

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