Friday: Going Back Home

I went back home with the same company on our way to Compostela, I should go with the other group, they will be going to the Bamboo but I choose not to, I missed F so much and I can’t take to stay for more hours in New Bataan at all. So after we got the allowance of Jm from the DepEd, Ate Mechang and Kuya Alden together with their kids, plus our coach we travel back home. When we were already in the city, the group agreed to buy Durian and eat it at the store. Jm had a blast; I only eat a little since Durian is not my type. We had so much fun even though we only ate it at side of the street. The couple sent me to where the taxi is standing by, I am always thankful for their kindness. Thank you again to Kuya Alden and Ate Mechang.

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