Briefly Unavailable

I was ready to update this blog a while ago, when I saw a prompt that I need to update the Jetpack and so as the Akismet. So I hurriedly update those since it is getting too late already here and I need to sleep. After I clicked the update to new version, suddenly I could not see my blog at all. It said Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance Check Back in a Minute, as I’ve heard that there are some plug in that does not matched with blogs I immediately contacted my hosting provider and my friend too, and while I was waiting for her reply. I went to my cpanel to check out something, I was ready to delete one of my plug in when I realized to open my blog again and see to it if it still error, I was so happy that it viewed this time. Maybe it was really a scheduled maintenance and I don’t have to worry much. LOL!

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