2ND Day At The Quarter

I brought the laptop with me, I was so happy to know that there’s a WiFi at the school the athletes stayed in but to my disappointment, it is not that strong at all. The battery is already draining yet I could not even open a single page. So I shut it down instead and went outside of the quarter. Jm is already having fun walking around with her friends but me, I feel like was isolated so there I went out, I roam around at the market and since I have to buy some mosquito spray and the AC connector of my laptop so I can charge it, I went to different stores. Their stores are very simple, it is not like at the city but their goods are so affordable. I also bought a slipper I could use at the Pension House. The place really reminds me of our province in Lanao where all the people only get satisfied with how simple the way they lived. If only I could stay for more than two weeks, I love to stay there but I missed my youngest daughter so much. I really have to go back home the soonest possible time.

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