My Knees Were Numb

… And I can barely walk. The other day I went to the mall early, it was still closed at that time. After a while, the car park was open so I hurriedly went up there and I saw my friend parked her car as well. I went to her and I asked her if I could go with her inside the mall even it was still closed, she worked there as a supervisor of one of the consignments displayed in the second floor, she said it was okay and I could get inside even the mall is still not open. I didn’t know that she has to go up to the 4th floor, that was the mall’s policy and since she was already late she walked so fast and I walked fast as well to catch up to her.

I went inside the mall sweating so much, she was laughing she said I could walk slowly if I want but I said it was okay I don’t want to be left behind. As she went to her area, I went ahead to the 1st floor; I sat down immediately when I saw one of the vacant benches at the remittance office. I was really exhausted, later I feel my knees were numb and after a day, I can barely walk anymore, it was just painful to walk especially when I have to walk upstairs. I had a good exercise indeed, I sweat and my legs were strengthen but as I haven’t done a good exercise lately, my body reacted a little bit badly on the going up and down at the stairs of that mall.

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