Can’t Cope Up With The Meme Anymore

If you are reading all my blogs, you probably read that we will be going to Dagupan for my daughter’s competition to be held in Dagupan. She is one of the delegates for Palarong Pambansa to be sent in Dagupan. I guess I could not online much here so please spare me and with that I have to set aside doing the Meme’s here, I will just go back when we go back here in Davao.

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Briefly Unavailable

I was ready to update this blog a while ago, when I saw a prompt that I need to update the Jetpack and so as the Akismet. So I hurriedly update those since it is getting too late already here and I need to sleep. After I clicked the update to new version, suddenly I could not see my blog at all. It said Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance Check Back in a Minute, as I’ve heard that there are some plug in that does not matched with blogs I immediately contacted my hosting provider and my friend too, and while I was waiting for her reply. I went to my cpanel to check out something, I was ready to delete one of my plug in when I realized to open my blog again and see to it if it still error, I was so happy that it viewed this time. Maybe it was really a scheduled maintenance and I don’t have to worry much. LOL!

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Missing My Friends

I feel like I missed someone today so I posted a picture of her and me together with my youngest and tagged her in FB. In a minute by she immediately replied with the tag and told me she missed me too. I am referring to no other than my friend Cheryl, later Mabele my other friend commented the picture and said she missed us so much as well and from there, we exchange words and the plan for a trip in Dubai.

I also learned that my friend Cheryl will be going to Texas next year, geez I am the only one left here. On the other note, it is still okay though, it is not as if it’s already the end of the world, we could still manage and love to stay here in the Philippines for a while. Nothing beat how beauty our country is and the culture and the places; I could hear some of my friends laugh and would really face them when we talk. Unlike if you are in the other place, you could only talk to them online, you could not hear them laughing and the stories that were so endless. So if you would ask where to stay, I prefer to stay here. Promise!

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PF # 9: Hair Make-over


Jm and her friend had a little make over in her friend’s house, she curled her hair and put a little make up on. And after a while they posed for the camera. With the background so pink and her blouse, this is my entry for:

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