Reality Show This Season

I hate the PBB reality show for this season, I even told my daughter not to watch it because recently it is full of violent especially with the Bosses and them the housemates as the slave. They always argued, shouting and all that, I could not even imagine how the housemates are able to cope it up, it already looks like they are showing discrimination of statuses of living. I recommend the kids or teenagers not to watch this reality show, I really don’t get the point of making the housemates like a slave, I know that they are just trying how patient they are with handling such situation but I really don’t like the shout, how can a person learn or how they will be able to work peacefully when you can hear them shouting or I don’t know, I am really not sure with what they are showing right now. I always love the PBB before, like no stress, no chaos, I love the Melissa and the Jason tandem before, for me no one can beat them.

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One Response to “Reality Show This Season”

  1. Mona says:

    Same here parang super gulo ng pbb ..