PF # 4: Pink Skater’s Shoes


This is my daughter’s skater’s pair of shoes; it has given to her by my sister. The day she received this shoes, she tried so hard to learn how to skate, after practice and a lot of bruises she finally nailed it. But now it has been stock in our shoe rack for a longer time already, she could no longer use this one because of her training. Her coach did not allow her to use this one as well because he is worried that she could get injuries when skating and she have training and competitions to attend to. She said she still would keep this one for memorabilia.

14 thoughts on “PF # 4: Pink Skater’s Shoes

  1. What a cute skater’s shoes! That’s definitely worth keeping! Visiting you back from PF, thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! Have a good day!

  2. cute skater shoes. although it’s quite sayang that she’s not using it anymore, but i guess the coach had a point. her safety is still important πŸ˜‰ was here for PF

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