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When we hear of disasters or people in need, we often thing about donating money or food and clothes, but time and effort, knowledge and skill are also things that can be “donated” to help those in need. A lot of people who want to help are not aware of various volunteer programs. Most of us see donate to this organization or to some government agency to help out, but what happens when the crises is passed? What if there is not a crisis that causes a need but something like famine or chronic poverty?

I  have done volunteer work in my local community before on a limited bases, I have been a volunteer tutor and has helped out with road clean up. It helps a little in the community but what if we are able to volunteer abroad to share our skills and knowledge?

Volunteering has its own rewards. If we volunteer abroad we are able to help those in need, yet we are able to live and learn their culture. We can put smiles on the faces of people who we work with and we can impart life changing skills or knowledge to help people improve their lives.

I know that living a fairly comfortable life where we the things we need are readily available to us makes life easy in a since. But what if we had to live day to day wondering where our next meal came from or whether or not we could get a sick child to a doctor? There are many good people who volunteer their services to help those who are in need.

I know that I was happy to help when there was flooding in my home country. Having two daughters, I am not able to go there but I did collect food and clothing from friends and neighbors to send to those in need. I gave me a warm feeling to be able to help.

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