PF # 5: Swimmers With The Famous Tennis Player

Last week, there was a tennis tournament at the tennis court in Woodridge. We already knew that Tin Tin Patrimonio and her younger sister Clarisse Patrimonio would be playing  there, with Tin Tin; it would depend on the PBB. If she will be out from the PBB, she could join the competition but her sister, no matter what will happen, she will be there.


We had been trying to find Clarisse to take a picture of her, but to no avail. Sometimes she was already inside the court playing or she was busy with some other stuff.

It was only last Saturday, that was early in the morning and she was doing some exercise just near the pool. My friend asked her if we could take a picture of her with our swimmers.

The kids had training at that time; they just got up from the pool to take a picture with the famous tennis player in the Philippines. She had won several gods from all the competitions that she joined, abroad or here. She started playing tennis when she was just a kid and until now she harvested all the efforts that she exerted during the training. She was very nice and kind when my friend approached her for picture taking. Thanks Clarisse and good luck with all your upcoming competitions. with her, she was gladly agreed and she posed for a while with me first and then the second were the kids.

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