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Jogging and Breathing

We’d been planning to jog around the village for a while already, the other day when I already have my things packed in my bag, my friend thought we won’t push it through so we postponed it again. Last night was the night, we jogged with other friends as well, they didn’t actually jogged but they just walked. We had a lot of fun while running, the views inside the village was a bonus. They said that jogging helps your heart stimulates properly and it said that it is the best exercise among the rest.

Anyhow, here’s a tip for you when you get too busy and you don’t have time to exercise, this is to relieve stress out of your daily works in the office.

You just have to breathe correctly because when you breath the diaphragm contracts and then it helps you to relax it continues to the body to relax as well. To flex the diaphragm, you should allow your lower abdominal to cooperate while breathing. Check it as it moves in and out as you breathe, you should make sure that your shoulders do not move up as you breathe to ensure that you are breathing correctly. Do this as many times as you want until abdominal breathing feels normal already.

The peak of breathing relaxation is deep breathing it is likely imagining your navel reaching your spine. And to achieve this, you may require yourselves a lot of practice for regular proper breathing. Now where can you find a spot to have a deep breathing? It is easy; you just need to find a quiet place wherein you can sit down with proper posture and comfortably doing the deep breathing. Imagine that every breath would let the tension away. As you breath, close your eye to focus on what you are doing, put your hand on your abdomen and feel the movement of your diaphragm. If you will do this regularly, you may kiss the stress away goodbye.

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