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Brown Out

This morning, I suddenly got an allergy I keep on coughing and it was so hard to breath when I cough, afterward I got groggy, I feel like I was drunk and I feel like I badly needed a rest, 1 hour of sleep would do. So I hit the bed off, leaving all the task behind me, and suddenly I heard our phone ring, my daughter Faith was already off to school. I got up after I answered the phone and continued what I left behind but after a while just then when I am already enjoying the clicking, the electricity went off. BROWN OUT!

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Giving You A Hint

I am not much for wearing jewelry. I will normally only wear earrings, a watch and my wedding band. But I have seen a very nice gold chain. The design is such that I can wear it alone or hang a locket or turn it into a pendant. Now, if I could only get my husband to get me a heart shaped locket to go with the chain he would make me very happy. Are you reading my blog husband and can you take a hint? Of course he reads my blogs and I hope he knows what I like. But we women just have to point our husbands in the direction of what we want to get it sometimes.

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