Networking Business

I just arrived home from the seminar my sister and I attended a while ago, it was an herb product and they are recruiting users or agents for the said products. The one who invited us is a family friend, I got curious when she informed me about this networking business so I accepted the offer and that is to attend the seminar.

If you are working hard with this kind of business you would really get a profit because of the down line and that is if you are recruiting for more agents under you. I attended the seminar not because I would really sell the products, their contents were interesting especially the vitamins that I could give to Mj since she is on training, and the lotion too, in which they said you could be prevented from mosquito bites. I also added the liquimisins for different uses, just like ear infection, teridium and the likes. I am already a member and I am looking forward to really use these products, if I could recruit some then okay but if there’s none it is still okay because I will tend to consume all the products that I will buy from them. There’s a rebate of 10% so I could still earn from the products that I bought from them.

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