Reality Show This Season

I hate the PBB reality show for this season, I even told my daughter not to watch it because recently it is full of violent especially with the Bosses and them the housemates as the slave. They always argued, shouting and all that, I could not even imagine how the housemates are able to cope it up, it already looks like they are showing discrimination of statuses of living. I recommend the kids or teenagers not to watch this reality show, I really don’t get the point of making the housemates like a slave, I know that they are just trying how patient they are with handling such situation but I really don’t like the shout, how can a person learn or how they will be able to work peacefully when you can hear them shouting or I don’t know, I am really not sure with what they are showing right now. I always love the PBB before, like no stress, no chaos, I love the Melissa and the Jason tandem before, for me no one can beat them.

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How To Make Money Online

I didn’t believe that I could earn money through writings when my friend told me about it a long time ago. I was hesitant to join at first because I thought that it is but only a scam. Yet I keep on reading her articles everyday after work, as it was my hobby to write I started to express my feelings online after I resigned from work.

Yes, it was definitely a hobby for me when I started blogging, later when I learned How To Make Money through blogging, I was convinced to join and submit my blog to some paid sites after 3 months from the day I started to write online. To start blogging is easy but to make it progressive, like gaining traffic, effort and patience must be exerted.

A little investment could do when you start to blog but if you want to level up or join some paid sites that require a total control of your blog so you should have your own hosting and buy a domain. Actively promoting your blog is also one of the ways to monetize it, aside from blogging you could also make money through selling on eBay, paid surveys, Facebook and the like. Remember, it requires effort, patience, and hard work to established and monetize a blog, if you don’t have this character, you might find yourself removed your site after a month.

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Crazy With Blue

My friend offered me a pair of earrings, it has a design of a dream catcher and since it has the color blue, I immediately grabbed it.

To match with my new earrings, I bought a bangle with the same color and a combination of a silver and blue.

My friends just told me that I am crazy with color blue; recently one friend again offered me a color blue wristwatch. I will post it in my other blog.


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The Place We Intend To Visit

There are just so many places to visit when you go to Florida. No matter where you are, there are things to do. The weather is almost always nice and encourages you to get out and do things. I believe one of the best things you can do is to take advantage of one of the Universal Studios Orlando Packages. The Universal Studios is great for me and the kids. There are attractions that appeal to me and there are those that appeal to the girls. From attractions featuring the minions from Despicable Me, to Harry Potter the kids will have a wonderful time. For me I would prefer seeing the Blueman Group perform. I don’t’ know what the youngest would think of these “blue” people making music on PVC pipes and beating on drums, but I know I will enjoy it. Universal Studios is a fun place and when we go to Orlando it is one place we intend to visit.

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