LTO Alarm Through Text

I will have to renew the registration of my car soon and I am worried if I have violations or not. My friend informed me of how I could inquire through text messaging. And so I typed my plate number and sent it to 2600. It took them a while to figure out because they keep on saying that I typed an invalid plate number. So I sent and sent it again until I received this message.

Plate no: p***8*/Make: Toyota/ Model:-/Year: ****/Color: ****/Registered last 05/27/2011, has no LTO apprehension, has LTO alarm.

Yeah, I don’t have apprehension but I have LTO alarm and that means I have to pay some penalty. Damn with CCTV, wahhhh!!!

On the other note, if you want to know if you have apprehension or LTO alarm or not. You just have to text LTO VEHICLE then your plate number and send it to 2600.

I wonder how much would I have to pay for my penalty.

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A One Stop Shop

Women love shopping and that includes me, I even have many clothes that I did not wear at all, my kids also had pair of shoes, or shirts that they did not wear at all. Thus, this give me an idea to sell those things, and maybe if I would like to make it more profitable, I may need to purchase some materials or clothes at the retail store fixtures, they have all the things I need in putting up or to start a business like this. They have unique items that you could not find it anywhere so you see if I will have that on my display counter, my clients will not need to look for another store because I already have them all.

And because I will be selling clothes, dresses, apparels and the like, I need to have mannequins in my store, apparel fixtures, floor stands, signage and many more. Oh well, since my vision for my store is also a one stop shop, I also need store that I won’t be asking or I won’t be looking for more because they have it all store for me. And the Retail Resource, my partner in business certainly won’t put me down because they have everything I need for my RTW business. Seriously, if I would have enough capital or funds to put a business, it is surely something like a one stop shop. I may need to start saving for this dream to come true.

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