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Be Responsible

I believe that all the advised that came from my mouth won’t ruin everybody’s lives but why they took it the wrong way. I am tired of explaining and understanding of what you felt, I understand that the most person that you want to be on your side is not here but come on, are we not trying to help you out? I just want you to do good in school, or at least pass all your subjects because the money that was spend for you to enroll in a better school was came from the blood and sweat of your Mom. We have limitations, our patience would sometimes slipped through and we scolded you not because we are ruining your life but because we are concerned of what would you become in the future. I hope on the next school year, you will be responsible enough of your actions, because it is you who would take the consequences when you don’t take your studies seriously. Be responsible!

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High Visibility Clothing

Well my husband tends to wear his clothes a bit too long. He will wear them until they are threadbare and has to be forced to put them away or not wear them to work and just wear them around the house. He is not into trendy clothing and prefers good quality and affordable clothing that is both comfortable and durable.

I wish he would just throw some of his old clothes away and get some new ones, but he is not much into shopping for clothes and rarely does so. So it’s up to me to outfit him. Now I do my best to save money on clothing, yet get things that will look good on him and are durable. Sometimes he is required to wear high visibility clothing. Especially when doing volunteer work.

High visibility clothing makes him and his coworkers stand out when they are doing volunteer work. They have volunteered to clean about 3 miles of highway and because they do this in a high traffic area, it is important that they are visible to the cars on the road. High visibility clothing makes it easy for drivers to see him and I want him to come home to me safely.

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PF # 2: Bottled Water


One of Faith’s classmates gave this to her the other day, they were not able to give her a gift on her birthday so this is their late birthday present.

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