The Quality That A Must Have

This happens not only once but also thrice already. We stopped for the traffic light signal was red, we were behind a car when suddenly I feel like my car was moving forward, I already lift the hand break and even stepped on the break but it still moving, good thing my daughter was there and told me we were not moving forward but the car in front of us was the one moving backward. I was so silly thinking that all my breaks were not functioning. Our coach told me that I might had an eyesight problem and I am also nearsighted I could not recognize a person when he or she is too far. My friends advised me to at least go to the doctor for an eye check-up and I will do that soon though I just need some money aside for paying the Doctor his professional fee, I will be able to buy whatever the Doctor advised me to, so if ever he would ask me to have eyeglasses on, I can buy at least affordable eyeglasses at Zenni Optical, since they are the only optical I know that offers huge discount. Imagine, they offer $6.95 prescription eyeglasses, now tell me what other optical that offer you that. I guess there’s none, aside from it is so affordable, and the quality is a must to have. And mind you, with such quality and that promotion, that is so rare, right? So I better take the chances right away before anyone can go ahead of me, this is a lifetime chance, if I would missed it, half part of my life is missing then.


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