New Tire And A Hair Done

Yesterday I went out to look for a tire, I don’t have a spare tire at all from my recent flat tire incident and since the tire could not be fix anymore I have to look for a brand new one. I really don’t have any idea where to go but I tried the shop in front of a mall since I spotted the area few weeks’ back. So I went there, parked the car in a parking area near the store and asked the staff how much would it cost for a brand new tire. The last time I bought a tire was a surplus, the tire has a thick materials and it cost me like P1, 500 pesos.

And you know how much would it cost if I only bought a new tire, it would cost me only 1,750.00 I know I should have listened to my friend that there are tires that cost almost the same and it is brand new but you know that was what last month ago and I could not take the time back. As I want the brand new tire to install right away, the staff removes the spare tire that I used and replaced it with the new one. As the staff was about to finish there’s a car parked behind and I could not get out, I was also hesitant to call the attention of the guard since it was only park there like a minute ago and I could not find the owner of the car in an instant. So since the saloon was just nearby, I went inside and have my hair done, when I was finish, the car is gone. I was able to drive backward freely.

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