I Want To Take A Nap But I Can’t

I am so sleepy but I can’t take a nap because I need to go out early today to go to the office where I would hire a mascot for Faith’s birthday, yes her birthday is next week already and I didn’t set anything yet but I already talked to where I would like host the party and they agreed with me that I will just give the down payment tomorrow. Right after, I will set the mascot, the next thing I have to do are the loot bags, I have to finish preparing her birthday this week because we have to go to Marbel on Friday for my eldest daughter’s competition. Wish us luck!
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2 Responses to “I Want To Take A Nap But I Can’t”

  1. Ms. Burrito says:

    Advance happy birthday!

  2. christmas party ideas says:

    Thank for sharing information about birthday.Happy birthday in advance..

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