Downloaded The Theme From My Cpanel

I had been contemplating to change my lay out here in this blog and I wanted the lay out from my other blog to upload here but I didn’t know how since I don’t have the copy for it already. My friend said the only way I could do that is to go to my cpanel and download my lay out there. From the very beginning that I started the wordpress platform as long as I could, I really don’t like to touch my cpanel because I am afraid I will just make a mess. But now I don’t have a choice but to go over with my cpanel and checked if I could do it on my own, oh well with the help of my friend, we were able to download it without causing any damaged from whatever code was there. After I downloaded the theme, I did a little tweak in the header so forgive me if it didn’t show up the right thing, that’s the only thing I can do, for now I just have to enjoy this theme while waiting for my lay out artist to finish my first order.

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One Response to “Downloaded The Theme From My Cpanel”

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for dropping by sis Anne. Ako na pud gi like ka ug follow your networkedblogs