Downloaded The Theme From My Cpanel

I had been contemplating to change my lay out here in this blog and I wanted the lay out from my other blog to upload here but I didn’t know how since I don’t have the copy for it already. My friend said the only way I could do that is to go to my cpanel and download my lay out there. From the very beginning that I started the wordpress platform as long as I could, I really don’t like to touch my cpanel because I am afraid I will just make a mess. But now I don’t have a choice but to go over with my cpanel and checked if I could do it on my own, oh well with the help of my friend, we were able to download it without causing any damaged from whatever code was there. After I downloaded the theme, I did a little tweak in the header so forgive me if it didn’t show up the right thing, that’s the only thing I can do, for now I just have to enjoy this theme while waiting for my lay out artist to finish my first order.

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They Are The Sign Of Our Love And Devotion

I can remember the day when my husband proposed to me. I can remember the time and the place, but most of all; I remember the engagement ring when he showed it to me. Do you remember the moment? It was in a white box for holding rings. I knew he wanted to marry me, but I did not expect an engagement ring so soon. The ring is beautiful. I wonder how he went about choosing my engagement ring. Did he look at Whiteflash diamond jewelry, or in other places, or just he did buy it at the spur of the moment. Whatever he did, I am happy, even if we had to have it resized because I do have small delicate fingers.

During the same time that I was engaged, two of my other friends found their husbands. So all within a couple of months, we had all found our future spouses and we had lots of comparing to do. Not necessarily the private things we have with our spouses, but we did compare engagement rings. Though mine is a solitaire, two of  my friends has a very nice 3 stone engagement rings. I would not trade with her for anything in the world, but I must admit, her ring is very nice. I wish we had taken a photo of the three of us showing off our rings. Maybe it would have made you all envious (joking of course).

Well when our wedding came, my husband chose very simple gold bands for us. He said he chose the band because it was a match for my engagement ring and he likes simple things. Other than a watch, it is the only piece of jewelry he wears. He picked it out, I did not accompany him to the jewelry store and once again, because of my small finger size (I have a 4.5 ring size) we had to have it resized. I would have liked to go with him to the jewelry store when he picked out our wedding bands, but I think he did a good job.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are meant to show our love to one another. I know my husband loves me. He does not have to tell me so, but he does constantly, by how he treats our kids and me. My engagement ring and wedding band are always with me, they are a sign of our love and devotion.

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Running A Candidate At School

When I was still in high school, I used to dream being a candidate for a student organization, a president or a representative but I was not popular, nobody even knows me except my classmates. I was so impressed with to those who run for candidacy the way they campaign, they speech in the class and all that. Some I didn’t know, but they became so friendly when they are campaigning, I always thought to vote wisely, I always based my vote for their plans and platform for the school. Well, I must admit that some become so obvious with their true intentions and nevertheless they just want to be recognize or more popular at school. Some were really devoted, they would put up a project for school and so every student can benefit from it.

I was so impressed when I heard my niece is running for 4th year representative, she did her best, she campaigned, and she even lost her voice so she can deliver her speech perfectly. This is her second time to run and she hoped that she would win this time, but fortunes didn’t come her way she lost it. I know she had a lot of plans if she wins, I know she had more ideas in mind for their school yet maybe that was not enough. But even she didn’t win, she already won in the heart of many especially to her mom and her family, we are so proud of her for having that skill, that cleverness, and that talent. No matter how many she would lose in a campaign, she is always the winner in our heart.

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Cartier Replica Watches are better in Colours

Cartier replica watches are one of the watches from Cartier that are very affordable. Every watch from Cartier is complex and great in design and feature. These replicated Cartier watches are not as expensive like the original watches exorbitant price which is what Cartier is known of. Cartier watches has become the choice of those might not be able to handle the huge price of the original watches from the company. The face of Cartier watch is bold to help one read date, calendar and time from the company. The precision of Cartier watches can be up to 1/100 per second making it one of the most accurate watches in the world. People who are seen with Cartier watches are considered powerful and wealthy that is what these watches stand for.

Cartier replica watches are known to be unbelievably affordable when it comes to exceptionally great watches. The watches from Cartier are always breaking records when it comes precision and features. No one would complain about the price of the replicated watch of Cartier because of the features and prestige of the watch. Making fashion statement can be done with these watches that are replicated because of the way they have been designed.

Getting Cartier replica watches are very affordable and durable in their features. Sometimes, there are discounts and special offers of Cartier replicated watches from web product pages and also from departmental stores. There are deals on Cartier replica watches that would reduce the prices of some of these Cartier watches which is why you need to browse through the internet before buying. The features of Cartier are excellent, their colours and designs of Cartier are cool and their leather straps another feature that is great. There is nothing lacking in these watches which is why you should get one for yourself.

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