Do Not Shout Out When You Are Mad

Facebook has been the tools for letting each emotions out for many but sometimes there are certain things that you need to compose before you would comment in a certain shout outs and or pictures. Even celebrities has been a victim of being so impulsive when they comment and or writing shout out without looking for the consequences ahead or what would be the result of that certain shout outs because they are just mad at someone and they want to let it out, which is not good. Me, if I don’t like the comment that is in my wall, I would just simply delete it or just ignore it or maybe you can let that pass out, it is not that I am not being true to myself but it is better to just pass it out so not to create a noise or maybe talk to the person if you he or she is a friend in private, remember, you don’t need the whole world to know what’s going on in your life. In most cases, you have the right for your privacy.

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