At Toy Kingdom

When we went to Toy Kingdom to buy toys for the kids, a salesgirl informed us that Marcelito Pomoy a celebrity, a singer who won Pilipinas Got Talent few years back is at the store. So we went to where he was, he purchased some toys maybe that’s for his relatives. My sister asked him if we could take a picture of him with us, he was so kind to stop for a while just to pose with us. He really rock! He is too way different from the TV though, he is good looking in person, we were not able to recognize him at first good thing the salesgirl pointed him and told us that he is Marcelito Pomoy, the singer who have a voice of a woman and could sing like a man as well. 

2 Responses to “At Toy Kingdom”

  1. Elvirah says:

    That must've been a thrilling experiene to go through for you there. Indeed he is looking good and its an amazing picture with him, you and your friend in it.


    I hope you all celebrated Christmas and New Year with bang.Looking like you bought many toys from Toy kingdom.I like barbie most.Thanks for share.