What Did You Do Last New Year?

So what did you do last New year? Oh well my daughter and I greeted each other “Happy New Year” we also went to the bedroom to greet my sleeping princess a Happy New Year too, she was whining so we have to leave her sleeping maybe she just go too tired from picking some candies when I threw out in the air just before the clocks 12:00 a.m.

Mj got two oranges from the table and together we rolled it inside the house, I also went out in the house too so I could make a revolution to my car, I tried the horn for so many times to make noise. The neighbor greeted me Happy New Year and invited me for a drink. Of course I declined them, I would rather spend my New Year with my kids at home. We spent our New Year so simple yet I could feel the love and harmony at home. Happy New Year to all of you too, and you may have a bountiful blessings ahead.

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