The Woman Of Strong Determination

I always enjoyed the company of this friend, we laughed each other and sometimes we cried whenever we shared our life to each other. We were even told that we have the same wavelength of interest, ideas and humor. Right now since she didn’t finish her college yet, she enrolled as HRM, they cooked, they designed tables and they were taught how to become a professional chef. And even she is a first year college yet, she already planned to have her OJT out in the country and probably after she will graduate, she would look for Restaurant Cook Jobs abroad. She worked in Japan before now she would like to explore another country when she finishes her college. She is a woman of strong determination, whatever she would encounter in life, she will do her best to overcome it for her kids. That’s the reason why we clicked so much because we are the same in every way. To my friend, good luck to all your endeavors and I know you would be successful whatever road you are taking to, just remember, I am always here to support you.

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