That Road

I really don’t like driving in diversion road, aside from all the cars there were like racing, I also don’t like the uphill, downhill, too curve kind of stuff. But I don’t have any choice but to take that road specially if we are in a hurry. The shortcut going to Woodridge where my eldest daughter is having training for swimming is the diversion road. In the contrary, I always avoid to drive on that road but my friends keep on telling me that I don’t have anything to afraid about, I just have to be extra careful and alert and I’ll be okay. So I took that road, in fact it has been like five times I’ve already done it and I am now starting to be comfortable with it. Although, I am becoming more defensive whenever I took that road, I know GOD is always with us though, I don’t have to race anyway just like other cars that were taking that road. 

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