Be Extra Careful This Holiday Season

Yesterday when I fetched Mj at school, when I passed by at the crossing near where this subdivision is situated, I was surprised because it suddenly got traffic while when I drive there just awhile ago it is not that crowded at all. We stopped by in a hardware for a moment to inquire if they have that bulb that Mj was needed for her project since they didn’t had a stock, I went back inside my car and started the engine. The traffic is really getting too heavy this time and then I saw a helmet in the middle of the street, I realized what was the caused of the traffic it was because of an accident. I think the driver and the passenger of that motorcycle was thrown in the canal. This morning my sister heard about it and told me that it was the fault of the taxi because the driver tried to overtake and  he was not able to estimate the distance so he hit the back of the motorcycle the reason why they have thrown away. 
Today, I heard it from a friend that there’s a fire in Magallanes, when I’ve seen the pictures in FB, I thought it was just a small fire but I was wrong because it was too huge. There were many houses that were burn in an instant, the people tried to save those houses by fetching some water in the river but it was just too huge. The fire almost affected the Magallanes Elem. School as well, it is a good thing that it was only one room that was affected and it was just so slight. 
In just two days on this month, these two frustrating news approach everyone by surprise. The worst is the Christmas is as well approaching; those two persons from the motorcycle would definitely be staying in the hospital for a few weeks because of their injuries and a possible bone fracture. Those victims from the fire would probably be homeless this Christmas as their houses were taken away from them just like one blink of an eye. I know they will not be okay until a good hand would send them or offer them some help or at least heal them eventually. Accidents could not be avoided but if we are being extra careful, perhaps we can avoid them to happen. When on the road try to give a way for others and try not to be reckless, it is just a matter of giving and I am sure it is not that hard.

2 Responses to “Be Extra Careful This Holiday Season”

  1. Hopeful says:

    We really need to take extra careful specially Christmas is approaching. Based on the what I've noticed lots of fire occur month of December, and one reason is the firecracker.Sad to say that marami ang naging homeless because of it. Kaya dpat mag-ingat.

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