Looking For DSLR Camera

My husband called me last night and told me that he will going to buy a new laptop for me but I said I already have a laptop so insisted if he would buy me something, I would like to have a DSLR camera instead. So this morning, he looked for DSLR camera that is on sale but he can’t just find any website that sells DSLR that is not expensive. The canon one, the cheaper one cost $800.00 already, if you can recommend a site or a brand of camera that is cheap but has a good quality, you can post a comment here. Thanks!

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  1. Canon camera is definitely a good brand of product and you can as well think of Sony as it is also gives us quality pictures.

  2. I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and loving it! This is a good entry level camera and cheaper too. I think right now they go on sale for less than $500.

  3. That camera sis is included on my wishlist. I've been wanting it for so long but I'm still managing my budget. In fairness that's a good and smart camera!

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